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Why invest in a laboratory test?
Laboratory test results are objective and quantifiable. They provide practitioners and medical examiners with a quantitative perspective into the internal functions of the body. Beyond subjective and topical assessments, laboratory tests offer objective data that can then assist in the diagnoses of various conditions. For many practitioners, the use of both quantified data and an intuition—refined through many years of medical experience—is the key to an accurate diagnosis and successful patient treatment.
What tests do you offer?
Our full list of available tests can be viewed in the Our Tests tab at the top of this page. These tests include evaluations for:
  • Genetic profiles on health, fitness, diet, and estrogen (through simple buccal cotton swabs)
  • Gastrointestinal function (through parasitology and stool analyses)
  • Immune system function (such as food allergy and histamine sensitivity)
  • Borrelia bacertia and co-infections 
  • Nutrtion and metabolic function (such as fatty, amino, and organic acid concentrations)
  • Toxicity (through environmental pollutants, toxic metal, PCB, and pesticide concentrations)
  • Cardiovascular function (such as HDL, LDL, and insulin levels)
  • Hormonal function (both male and female hormone analyses)
  • Vitamin sufficiencies (vitamins D and K, fat-soluble vitamins, and CoQ10)
Why choose Nordic Laboratories?
For nearly two decades, we've offered only the most reliable and clincally relevant tests to practitioners worldwide. As an independent company, we liaise between practitioners and testing laboratories. Our rigorous lab quality assessment helps determine which tests are most scientifically valid. We then offer only these tests, so we can serve practitoners as a single resource between numerous labs.
How long does it take to receive a test result?
The average processing time is between 10 and 14 days. Some test results return sooner, and some return later.
Where do I order a test from?
You can order tests through our secure online administrative system, Nordic VMS, at www.nordicvms.com.
If I have questions about my test results, whom should I ask?
All medical questions and concerns regarding laboratory test results should be directed towards your practitioner. However, our reports often provide an interpretation of results based on clinical studies and experience. These interpretation are to be used as reference, not as medical advice.